About Jo-Leigh

Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer

Hey, thanks for clicking on my page. I’m Jo-Leigh, a Pilates instructor and personal trainer in London. I also teach barre and TRX. I coach clients online, 1:1 in person and I also teach many classes in London's leading gyms.

​I have been practicing Pilates for 12 years now, and from my first class I fell in love with it. I started it a long side my earlier career as a dancer, it kept me from injury and so I decided to take my Pilates instructor qualification. Since becoming a teacher I have formed my own method combining principles of pilates, functional movement and strength. I have built up an incredible reputation in London, with glowing testimonials and working and helping hundreds of clients. 

Becoming a coach was the  best decision I have ever made. My advise to you if you are ever stuck with a decision, making an investment in yourself is the best investment you can ever make. I then trained in barre, a Level 3 personal training qualification and TRX certification.

I teach in a unique way, drawing all aspects of my training which is designed to both lengthen and strengthen the muscles. Keeping the body strong and functional as well as reaching my clients goals. My method is progressive overload, isolating into certain muscle groups to make you really feel the burn and make you feel muscles you never knew existed.  ​Whichever discipline I teach, my coaching is challenging, dynamic and will give you maximal results for your body. I have so much passion for fitness and that portrays through in my teaching, your goals are my goals and I want to help you.